by Ryan Wood

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released June 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Ryan Wood

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Track Name: We Go On
Track Name: Spark! FL
Fresh From The Light
da dum buh lah da

Met you in a dark place,
the lights were neon and flashing.
'said, 'is this outer space?'
The music has our bodies matching.
Teleport to my bed with our dancing;
Everything you do
makes you the one I fancy.
Now, groove on to me
like nobody can see,
no eye can see
the things you do to me.

I Met her in a dark place,
the lights were Amber colored
Surely this is outer space,
The music has our bodies matching.
Teleport to my bed with our dancing;
Everything you do
makes you the one I fancy.
Now, groove on to me
like nobody can see,
no eye can see
the things you do to me.
Track Name: SK WR
Hot, fresh on the scene
Got a urge to rap
Lemme show you what i mean
Wake up every day
Head straight ti the green
Money on my mind
I even see it in my dreams
Young ponderosa
So mafioso
Make ya say damnit
Cause ya cant stand it
Or stand next to me
Theres no best'ing me
Cause the best is me
U thought my best was free
Well U ain sern thr rest of me
The recipe
it rests in me
Ur blessed to see
So dont go
testibg me
Unless ya fien
For quick defeat
Arrest ya mind
And Take my time
Chills down ya girlies spine
She wan' be mine
Sip my wine
And you'll still be blind to it
And thats by design
Got that hyphenated flo to
balance out all Your ragged lines
Muthafucka what up

How you figure that your team
Can effect my cream
Word to junior
M a eff eye aye
Ryan wood boom bye a
Style so rope-a-dope
The lovers who i wrote this fo
to give a lil nigga hope
To keep a lil sister goin
Future flowin
No condolences for the rap game
Lets be honest
This shit rockin
like bionic vomit
Off a comet
In ya mommas car
With people watchin
Still No stoppin
Til ya swallo
427 at the grammys yo
While i grub on lucy ho's
And contemplate a video
Turn it up until ya speakers blo
Beat it up until the big orgasm
Then run it back
No love for whack
No love for whack
No love for whack emcees
Im on my fuck a chorus steez
Tonught imma fuck a horse booty
Call it beastiality
But the fuckin beast is me
In the guts of a slut
Muthafucka whatup
Track Name: Window (The Finer Things)
Lookin out my window, Tallahassee Scenery
Me & All My friends,
we prefer the finer things
yea, we prefer the finer things
the finer things, yea we prefer the finer things (rpt)

no more hesitation
sorry to keep ya waitn
no need for debating
florida capitol city
is the scene for this revelation
here every hoe has 2 degrees of separation
meet a girl take her out
find out that mutual friend
you know the one you done tried a couple times to stick yo thang in
assuming that they talk everyone be at fault
we just put it in our vaults
and hit up the aucd
thats all u can drink
fuck you think
this is the home of the noles and the rattlers
eagles and the best greek chapters
one on one
cucumber in my water on you bastards
live lavish
remember baby bio
i sat up in the rafters
now my team is mean
its like you cant do much of anything without catching a glimpse of me
and its lovely damn its so lovely
who else would you rather see
no one is as fresh as me


from the outside lookin,
you may never get it
but that tallahassee lifestyle
best believe i lived it
and it aint about the place
its more about the peolpe
different levels of life
but we all thinkin equal
we all tryna make it
we all got stuggles
we all gat talent
so we all gone hustle
and this right here is the breeding grounds
for the underground kings, soon to be crowned
Track Name: The Table
Track Name: Saturn
Love on earth
Love in the skies
Love on a battlefield
Love in disguise
Now it's you on my mind
I know this is our time
Heart vision 20/20
Don't tell me its blind
Im lookin in your eyes
Feeling on your thighs
Let love be a rocket
We can take it past the skies
Yea we bout to rock it
Till the sandman close our eyes
Til the sun and the moon
Are right by our side
Zooming through galaxies
At speed of light
Shooting stars we are
Causing kisses in the night
As we fly by
Outerspace love take flight to night

Love in Outerspace, The Music Keeps The Pace
beat it up beat it up beat it up beat it up [rpt]

the sounds, our bodies make
like our souls, cry out for each other
we need no other
we fight for love
we fight for Love
We Fight for Love!
Every taste breaks my mindstate and blows my mind,
never satisfied
I always need more of you,
so give me more, give me more, give me more!


I breathe you in,
I breathe you in,
i breathe you in right now,
right now
right now, I breathe you in right now

Track Name: Persian Lillies
Lil mama work it oh so well
You Put it down like ah
Got me fienin all damn day to get back in ya twat
My personal porn star
Lap dance officianado
Pretty pussy
The kind i like to have for dinner
Im a winner
When im in ya
And a nigga need another gold medal
Word to ya hidden teasure chest
them toys and them them little blue boys
Call em akittles
Its no riddle
We have chemistry together
High school
Girl ya view is amazin
You got my eyes like an asian
Every time you slurpme
Put Lip gloss on my thighs
You say it Taste like ice berry
I go so deep ya cannot even take it
Still ya whip it on me
I would swear she caucasian
On a plantation
But she just my prn star do
Coulda been a model
Still my lap dance officianado
Track Name: Overcome
Chick so bad, she make me feel a hypocrite
Ain't gon' act like I ain't tryna get spotlight
the crew is fly right?
i'm tired of that question.
Arrest him, suggest him, but tonight girl just bless him
When we rage, it's Roger, Rabbit
You got it? Snap it, and don't forget it happened
You don't know what round it is, do you?
Don't let nothing fool you
including the words that i just screwed as usual
That truthful abusive
crucial lyrics
Ego filler
like, fuck yo' set, my team is illa! get crunk as you want!
Get crunk as you want!
[ad lib]
Track Name: Hercules
{Hercules, Hercules, Hercules}
I only hurt myself fighting imaginary haters
Got love for all mankind
Just out here tryna’ get mine
I hear a voice from the sky, it says “In due time”
It says, “In due time, due time, due time, due time”
I yell “PUSH ON!”
Everywhere I go, I’m tryna be the man
My mind so spaced out, homie I might never land {second star to the right and straight on till morning}
I’m on my way up, clearly tryna’ bring my friends,
But niggas lining up to be the kind of man I am.
So it’s hard to stay humble; Royalty in the jungle
Keepin’ up with my friends
The people know our Tumblr
Sometimes I’m Darth Vader sometimes I’m Anakin
True crazy dynamics, but that real will never end
And I’m tired of hearing songs, people tellin’ me to get like them
When my people out here grinding; Young people out here dying,
& we all hustling to make our ends meet
Must be time to go young Hercules
Young Herc, Chillin’ with my Megara
Ridin’ up and down the coast, puffin’ on etcetera
Deflecting all your darts, I’m Swingin’ like Roger Federer
& I see no competitors, One time for the DMV
We got now, are you hearing me?
Winged victory, Like Samothrace
Kill ‘em all kill ‘em all it’s the only way
Get the thieves out the temple
Acting like they on their menstrual
I refuse to die
As another black man with unfilled potential
Regardless of what’ve been through
So much more to life, then a party track
Did one with Loose, now The Thirst is back
Windness for Keakness
Is what you ought’ to not do.
Get stronger every time, I’m a Saiyan dude
Now Rid yourself of thinking that me is you
I’m a legend for a reason, in tune with the seasons,
Call me Lightning Child strike when I feel the need’
Now Ladies love me, it must be the SteEZ
All the naysayers gettin’ lost in the breeze
Live’ my God-given life and I’m doin’ it Free!
Why would I hate you when love’s what I preach?
Yes I’mma stay true no matter who breach!
Never force anybody to stay with the team,
Surrounded by people yet the circle shrinks,
Closer to the top, no time to freeze.
If I die on the way use my body for meat
Boil my piss with heat and I’ll still keep you alive
When the fates cut my line and I return to the beat.
Track Name: Life Safe
i love you without a chance
without a chance

she followed him for weeks
expanded all his tweets
told her friends the things she would do to him
if ever they should meet
how she would give her all to him
love so deep he'll need to swim
the same story, time and again
Now imagine her excitement
when she found out his tour was pulling through
her home town
she's in school 3 states away
but you know she's coming down
just to be close enough to hear his live sound
look into his eyes, touch him from the crowd
of course she brought a poster,
for his pen to mark
planned out her words to say to him
to offer up her heart
she got her ticket immediately
new dress bought expediently
next thing she knew, bam, she was speeding to him
it blurred
and she was right there in front of him
he reached out his hand,
and that's how it began,
another love story of a girl who loves without a chance


// the orig. freestyle verse